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800m³GRP water tank ready for delivery

800m³GRP water tank ready for delivery

WarehouseOur SMC Fiberglass tank is assembled from an overall superior SMC fiberglass tank board. It is characterized by the use of food grade resin, so the water quality is good, clean and pollution-free; It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, long service life, convenient maintenance management and so on.

Fiberglass water tank is widely used in industrial and mining, enterprises and institutions, residential, hotels, restaurants and other buildings, as drinking water, water treatment, fire water and other water storage facilities. The FRP water tank is assembled on-site from SMC molded plates, sealing materials, metal structural parts and piping systems. Bring great convenience to design and construction.

General water tank according to the standard design, special water tank needs special design. The tank of 0.125-1500 cubic meters can be assembled according to the needs of users. If the original water tank needs to be replaced, do not need to transform the house, strong adaptability. Specially developed sealing belt, the sealing belt is non-toxic, water resistant, elastic, small permanent variation, tight seal. The overall strength of the water tank is high, no leakage, no deformation, easy maintenance and overhaul.

Our company produces fiberglass water tank plates using glass fiber reinforced materials, using high temperature, high pressure process molding. The plate size is 1000×1000, 1000×500 and 500×500 standard plate.

1. Application range of FRP water tank

1) Ordinary residential, commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, residential areas, organs, hotels, schools and other life, fire water.
2) Production and domestic water consumption of industrial and mining enterprises.
3) Various types of circulating water, cooling water, hot water supply system water.
4) Acid and base reserve.

2. FRP water tank product features

1, good material selection: unsaturated resin and glass fiber are used in domestic factories, to ensure product quality.
2, unique structure: with a special seal, the whole bolt connection structure, easy assembly, will not appear water leakage and seal lax phenomenon, plus the inner special rod structure, so that the mechanical properties are more reasonable.
3, fast construction: standard molding plate; Assembly at will, no need to lift equipment. Shape should be user requirements, volume can meet all design requirements, installation site no special requirements, box beautiful
4, light weight: the concrete water tank bulk weight and its own weight ratio is 1:1, SMC molding water tank is 1:0.1-0.2, so in the design process do not need to consider their own weight, so it is called light water tank.
5, health and environmental protection: no algae and red insects, avoid secondary water pollution, keep the water clean.
6. Reduce cleaning: it can be cleaned once a year according to the requirements of the Health Commission, greatly reducing the cleaning cost

3. FRP water tank selection guide

1) FRP water tank adopts the standard plate combination, the standard plate has 1000×1000, 1000×500 and 500×500 three kinds.
2) The length, width and height of the water tank are selected in the base of 500.
3) Basic drawing of water tank (we can provide):

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